Bumpie Tip of the Week: How to Feel Sexy While Pregnant (It IS possible)!

ByJackie DiBella
Feb 2017
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You’ve gained some weight, your belly looks like you swallowed a beach ball, and you generally feel “gross.” STOP RIGHT NOW. You’re about to bring sexy back, you hot mama! Our Bumpies on the 3rd Trimester board shared their secrets to feeling sexy while pregnant! Take these tips and ignite your weekend:

“I shaved and polished my toes. I actually felt a little sexy for the first time in forever after!” –minervacullen*

“Soft fabric in the form of lingerie… with red lipstick!” – SidraJedi

“I bought some new pajamas that I absolutely love and that has helped a ton.  It is super soft and the perfect combo of sexy but comfortable.  I find if I wonder around it my frumpy clothes, that is how I feel.  I am trying to keep my “around the house” attire a little more appealing.” - ally2011

“Start with some mood music. For me it’s jazz.” –poohbeargirl2

“Taking a long hot bath or shower! All the cleanliness and sense of pride in my appearance can make me feel frisky. Baths, especially with floral bath salts, are definitely great for feeling sexy!” –daisy4287

“Sometimes if I am not in the mood, just making out with my husband can help change that!” –mamaof2xo

*Some names have been changed.

Tell us: What makes you feel sexy?

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