Bumpie Tip of the Week: Midwife Vs. OB?

March 2, 2017
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So, baby is on the way (yay!), and in the midst of all this excitement you suddenly have some very big decisions to make. Having trouble deciding whether you should go the midwife or ob-gyn route? We compiled a list of tips from our very own Bumpies to help you with this difficult choice.

  • “I personally like the practice of midwives, because I have a strong desire for a natural birth with minimal (preferably zero) medical intervention.” -BKH2014
  • “It is a personal preference. I prefer prenatal care from someone who actually attended medical school.” -theresat959
  • “Midwives generally have a different model of care than doctors, viewing birth as a natural process that generally proceeds safely and normally. They focus on you as a whole person, giving more hands-on assistance throughout your pregnancy.” -emmyt56
  • “My children were delivered by one midwife and one OB. Not too much of a difference around here, [in my opinion].” -yeahh
  • “The best way for me to describe it is the care that I’m receiving from my midwife is a much fluffier than the care I would receive from an OB.  Since I’m a first time mom I want this fluffy, hand-holding care.” -CandaceC1920
  • “I get to see my OB and my midwife. With the birth of my daughter, I saw my OB once, and my midwife delivered her. With my baby on the way, I still get to see my OB and midwife. They both are very caring. It’s really up to you on what you prefer.” -angelimaou
  • “As far as bedside manner and not pushing pain meds, you can definitely have that with an OB. My OB is extremely supportive of all my decisions, even my constant waffling on epidural or not. She’s incredible.” -emotionl
  • “As a nurse who has worked on a labor and delivery floor, I can say every nurse on the floor delivered their babies with a midwife. Not because the OBs weren’t good, but because the midwives are more involved during the delivery. I agree it is a personal preference.” -arr166

 Did you see a midwife or ob-gyn? Share your experience here.

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