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Q&A: Can I Get Pregnant After Having a Tubal Ligation?

I had my tubes tied a few years ago but now am thinking about having more children. Is this even possible?

You sure can, but only with the help of an infertility specialist. After having tubal ligation surgery, pregnancy can be achieved either through a tubal reversal procedure, called a tubal reanastomosis, or through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Pregnancy outcomes after a tubal reversal relate to the age of the patient, type of sterilization procedure performed, the site of anastomosis, and the post-operative length of the fallopian tubes. Although tubal reversal surgery is a viable option to repair ligated fallopian tubes, it really isn’t being done anymore because pregnancy rates are higher with IVF, it’s a surgical procedure that isn’t done by a lot of infertility specialists, and it’s associated with an increased risk of tubal re- occlusion and ectopic pregnancy. In the appropriately selected individual, tubal reversal surgery is an option for couples who want more than one child, and it reduces the risk of multiple gestation. In the absence of other causes of infertility, this is a viable option. IVF is still the best option for an older woman who had a tubal ligation.

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