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Sharon Phelan, MD

Why Am I So Clumsy?

Why am I more prone to falling now that I’m pregnant?

It’s because your center of gravity is shifting. Think about it: your body has to compensate for your growing belly somehow. Most women instinctively lean backward a bit as their bellies grow, in order to account for the shifting center of gravity.
The problem with pregnancy is that your body changes from day to day. So just when you get used to being one size and shape, you change! It can be hard to keep up with all of those changes (especially when you’re used to being a set size and shape). So is it any wonder that you feel a bit clumsier these days?

Your body — and center of gravity — is going to keep changing throughout your pregnancy, so the best thing you can do is stay safe. Wear sensible shoes — pregnancy is probably not the time for stiletto heels! You may also want to avoid clogs, because they interrupt your ability to feel and sense the ground beneath you.

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