The Dumbest Thing I Did While Pregnant

The jury’s out on whether pregnancy brain is real. But these Bumpies sure believe it is. Check out the ridiculous (and hilarious!) things they did while they were expecting — blame it on the hormones.
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BySarah Yang
Mar 2017
expressive pregnant woman laughing
Photo: KT Merry

“I had the worst road rage ever. I flipped one guy off and tailed another. I was mean!” — princessmimi*

“I bought a ton of maternity clothes. What was I thinking? Now they’re all in a huge plastic bin. My DH said I have them for the next time around. Great.” — GASuzuki

“At the end of my second trimester, I came down with a stomach virus or food poisoning. I got sick in the middle of the night and tried to lean over my hubby to get the garbage can, but I couldn’t reach it. I rolled completely over him and landed on the floor headfirst! Ouch!” — TennisWife815

“I drove a friend to the airport, which is an hour away from my house. I set the GPS to tell me the fastest way to get there. After dropping off my friend, I decided to go see another friend who lives near the airport. I set off driving and followed the GPS’s directions. I wound up back at the airport! It took me 45 minutes to realize I didn’t reset the GPS with my friend’s address.” — eminbmore

“I thought it would be a good idea to eat a lunch of garlic bread and Fruit Roll-Ups. I still get sick just thinking about it!” — Quiksilver620

"I was backing out of my garage one day, and I scraped my front bumper on the wall. Three weeks later, I backed out of my garage and into my best friend’s truck. I’d never had a wreck in my life before — but I had two accidents in a month in my own driveway when I was pregnant!” — SeasideBride06

“I went on a camping trip at eight weeks pregnant. I was throwing up the whole time, and there were only port-a-potties there. Ew.” — Sniffer2.0

“I was goofing around with my husband when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Somehow, I totally forgot I was pregnant and ran from our bathroom and jumped bellyfirst onto our bed next to him.” — JessiRaye

“I put Resolve cleaner in my fridge by accident. My husband went to get something from the fridge and asked me why I put it in there. I just stood there with a deer-in-the-headlights look and told him, ‘At least it won’t evaporate?’” — homegirl44

*Name has been changed

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