Most Hilarious Pregnancy Tweets, Status Updates and Posts Ever

We asked moms and moms-to-be to spill on the funniest things they shared (or saw) during their nine months. What’s completely harmless and what’s TMI? You be the judge.
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March 2, 2017
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“When I followed my favorite pregnancy website on Twitter, someone sent a direct message to me asking if I had the pukes yet. I didn’t even know what to say, I’d never met this person!” — Jolie B.

“One thing that really made me laugh was when all of my pregnant friends shared their bathroom habits in detail! Size, color, consistency and frequency — they held nothing back!” — Anna M.

“Call it pregnancy brain, but once I accidentally tweeted about my bad gas instead of texting it to a friend! I was mortified — and I couldn’t figure out how to delete it.” — Lola T.

“I think my water almost broke from seeing a friend post a picture of her mucus plug after it had come out. I was so shocked and surprised by the photo — but it was absolutely hilarious! Now I knew what I was in for when it was my turn!” — Rachel Y.

“A co-worker of mine was #livetweetingfromtheOR before her scheduled C-section. I couldn’t get over how funny the whole experienced seemed as she was about to give birth!” — Norah H.

“During my first pregnancy, I really let loose on all my social sites. I tweeted and Facebooked about the fact that I was so tired of everything coming out of both ends. Maybe it was a little TMI for some people but looking back on it, it was hilarious!” — _Zoe _P.

“I posted about how I was dreading pooping on the table when I gave birth — but it got even worse when my husband’s step-mom (who has no filter) told me to take a laxative a few days beforehand to loosen me up and get things moving. I couldn’t stop laughing! I felt so bad for all my followers because they’ll never be able to look at her the same again!” —_ Jordyn B._

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“My partner and I knew that we were only planning on having one child together, so I started to have some fun with it. I created a Twitter handle (that I told no one about) and shared all of the hilarious things that happened to me, each with its own hash-tag. Since no one knew about it, I tweeted things like #justaccidentallypeedmyself, #preggopoop and #tweetsfromthepreggotoilet nonstop. Thank goodness no one found it!” —_ Destinee J._

“We’re pretty big jokesters, so when my partner dared me to post that my pregnancy farts were more powerful than his, I didn’t hold back. Hey, it got 39 likes and 13 comments! Turns out a lot of my pregnant girlfriends could agree with me!”  —_ Irene H._

“At the beginning on my pregnancy I had my heart set on not buying maternity jeans. I’m fairly petite so I thought shopping a few sizes up would be fine and I could get away without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe. That all changed when unbeknownst to me, I ripped my jeans right up the butt crack. I didn’t realize it until later so all day long everyone saw my bare rear. It was so funny that I had to post the photo of it!” — Leslie K.

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