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Pregnancy Calendar

Here’s your at-a-glance pregnancy calendar, complete with fun stuff to do every week. (Want more to-dos? Use our Pregnancy Checklist to keep track of everything from OB appointments to thank-you notes.)


See the OB: Once or twice
You should gain: Three to five pounds (if you have an average BMI)
Common symptoms: Nausea, fatigue, constipation, sore breasts
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Week 3:   Tell your partner you’re pregnant.
All about week 3 >>

Week 4: Treat yourself to some prenatal pampering, even if it’s just hours of trashy TV.
All about week 4 >>

Week 5: Get a pregnancy journal, or start a blog.
All about week 5 >>

Week 6: Have a  powwow with your partner about both of your feelings (a lot is changing!).
All about week 6 >>

Week 7: Get your  emotions in check. Yeah, you, Ms. Moody.
All about week 7 >>

Week 8: Pull out your “fat pants.” (This doesn’t sound like fun, but they’ll make you so much more comfy until you start wearing maternity clothes.)
All about week 8 >>

Week 9:  Plan a babymoon.
All about week 9 >>

Week 10: Get rid of those pregnancy worries.
All about week 10 >>

Week 11:   Make over your beauty routine.
All about week 11 >>

Week 12: Start shopping for maternity clothes.
All about week 12 >>

Week 13: Do a fun workout.
All about week 13 >>


See the OB: Every four weeks
You should gain: One to two pounds each week (if you have an average BMI)
Common symptoms: Stretch marks, dizziness, discharge, leg cramps
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Week 14: Veg out:  Flip through photos of adorable babies and gorgeous bumps.
All about week 14 >>

Week 15: Time for more pregnancy pampering. Manicure, anyone?
All about week 15 >>

Week 16: Take a babymoon!  Here are some travel tips.
All about week 16 >>

Week 17:  Feel baby’s first kicks! If not this week, soon. We promise.
All about week 17 >>

Week 18:   Plan a date night with your partner.
All about week 18 >>

Week 19: Chat with other moms-to-be who are in their second trimester.
All about week 19 >>

Week 20: Break out the sparkling cider! You’re at the halfway point in your pregnancy.
All about week 20 >>

Week 21: Get some baby shower inspiration with our creative baby shower ideas, and share them with the host of your soiree.
All about week 21 >>

Week 22: Book a  maternity photo session.
All about week 22 >>

Week 23:   Get inspiration for baby’s nursery.
All about week 23 >>

Week 24:   Register for baby shower gifts.
All about week 24 >>

Week 25: Shop for some new shoes. Tell people it’s because  yours feel snug (even if they don’t!). Great excuse.
All about week 25 >>

Week 26: Set aside some  quality time to spend with your partner.
All about week 26 >>

Week 27: Do some deep breathing. It will calm you now. And help you prep for labor.
All about week 27 >>



See the OB: Every other week until week 36, then once a week
You should gain: One to two pounds each week (if you have an average BMI)
Common symptoms: Trouble sleeping, swelling, back pain, shortness of breath
More on your third trimester >>

Week 28: Try out our Baby Morpher tool to get a preview of what baby will look like.
All about week 28 >>

Week 29: Stock up! Go shopping for some (adorable!) baby essentials.
All about week 29 >>

Week 30: Ask for help for after baby arrives.
All about week 30 >>

Week 31: Pick out a birth announcement.
All about week 31 >>

Week 32: Choose a baby keepsake book. ( Here are some cute ones.)
All about week 32 >>

Week 33:   Pack your hospital bag. Can you believe it’s almost time?!
All about week 33 >>

Week 34:   Baby-proof your relationship.
All about week 34 >>

Week 35: Take a trip if you want! This is the last week to safely fly.
All about week 35 >>

Week 36: Have a laugh! Read the craziest things dads did in the delivery room.
All about week 36 >>

Week 37: Nest for baby — you're probably feeling like it anyway! But don’t stress yourself out.
All about week 37 >>

Week 38: Find some grocery stores and restaurants that deliver. They’ll really come in handy after baby arrives.
All about week 38 >>

Week 39:   Read some birth stories. Pretty soon, you’ll have one of your own!
All about week 39 >>

Week 40: Make a “baby’s here!” email or phone contact list.
All about week 40 >>

Week 41: Take a walk. It’s not proven to bring on labor, but it can’t hurt!
All about week 41 >>

Week 42: Try to relax! You’ll be holding your baby in your arms before you know it.
All about week 42 >>

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