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Pregnancy Summed Up in Five Spot-On Charts

We guarantee a good laugh.

It’s not easy to quantify or qualify the inexplicable emotions of pregnancy. But funny charts can help.

Melissa Small, an author and designer at The Bold Italic, created " Charts That Explain Why I’m Crying and Sweating" to trace the ups and downs of pregnancy. And we mean ups and downs.


She duly noted that the causation of different activities isn’t what is used to be, either.


Of course, moms-to-be are tired all the time. But there’s nothing wrong with a consistent bed time!


Yeah, receiving diapers as gifts is kind of like buying back-to-school supplies. It’s exciting at first, you’ll use them, you’ll appreciate them — but you’ll wish you didn’t need so many.


And of course, your concerns. Baby’s health is the overarching priority, for sure, but the status of your boobs is up there. As it should be.

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