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First-Time Pregnant Women Get Advice From the Best — Their Moms (Video)

When you have a pregnancy question you don’t want to ask anyone else, you turn to The Bump, of course. But the other source you can trust in confidence? Your mom.

The Daily Share posted a video of four first-time pregnant women talking candidly with their moms about pregnancy and parenthood.

“Did you feel self-conscious when you were pregnant?”

Three out of four moms said yes, recalling feeling enormous, swollen. “It’s not just my stomach that blew up,” says Cathy, recalling having swollen feet and needing her rings cut off.

“I cannot believe you embraced pregnancy like you did. It’s so cool,” mom Karen tells her daughter Danielle.

Moms also got the chance to ask their daughters a question: “What’s the best thing I can do to help you?”

The resounding answer: Support, whether in the form of visits, phone calls or reassurance.

The mother-daughter duos also compared cravings. Yes, a love for ribs spans generations.

The most touching part? When they discussed projections and expectations. Moms-to-be: Your mothers think you’ll be better parents than they were. Grandmas to be: Your daughters WANT you to be involved.

Watch the video below. It reinforces what you already knew: Mother knows best.

Photo: The Daily Share