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The Sweet Pregnancy Selfie Series You’ve Got To See!

Selfies just got a whole lot cooler, y'all. Sophie Starzenski, a photographer based out of Argentina, took a selfie of her baby bump during her pregnancy and put together a touching montage to share with the whole world. Okay, okay, maybe <em>not</em> the whole world — but once social media got wind of Sophie's project, it was a mere matter of time before the photos were everywhere. Taken at week 4, week 15, week 20, week 29, week 33, week 37 and week 40, Sophie included a surprise photo with her adorable two-month-old baby boy, Simon at the end of the series. And though we never get a peek at mama's face (she keeps hidden behind the lens of camera), the joy her growing belly gives off is infectious as ever! Look at the sweet photos of mom (and finally, baby!): Love how Sophie used selfies to put together a visual storyline that shes just how beautiful a woman's pregnancy is (and just how quickly baby develops!).<em>Photos courtesy of Sophie Starzenski</em> Did you chronicle your pregnancy?

Sophie Starzenski


Sophie Starzenski, 4 weeks


Sophie Starzenski, 15 weeks


Sophie Starzenski, 25 weeks


Sophie Starzenski, 29 weeks


Sophie Starzenski, 33 weeks


Sophie Starzenski, 37 weeks


Sophie Starzenski, 40 weeks


Sophie Starzenski, with her 2 month old

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