Welcome to the Grumpy Pregnancy Club

ByShannon Guyton
Contributing Writer
Mar 2017
Close up of Pregnant woman holding belly.
Photo: Jamie Grill / Getty Images

See the picture above of the positively radiant, super cute, and healthy pregnant gal?  Yah, that’s not me.

I was not a perky pregnant person.  I was known as the “swollen one” in my Lamaze class.  The acid that percolated in my throat was only just a little more comfortable than the heart palpitations beating their off tempo beat or the constant queasy tummy (which forced me to eat nonstop resulting in a 65 lb weight gain).  I was also my OB’s worst nightmare.  I’d arrive to my appointments with my stack of post its and he spent hours calming me down from all from all the neurotic conditions I’d diagnosed myself with.  I felt SO lucky to be pregnant (after a loooong time trying), but I also felt and looked like CRAP.

So I thought it would be helpful to offer to my fellow GPP’s (Grumpy Pregnant People) some resources to help you know you aren’t alone and there are lots of ways you can feel better!

Need to vent?  Commiserate with other pregnant moms who tell it like it is.

Feel like crap? Consult our symptoms and conditions guide to get help with every symptom/condition you can think of (and some you haven’t).

Need some inspiration to keep your eye on the prize?  Check out these silly baby faces – one day soon you’ll have one of these cuties!

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