Worst Movies to Watch While Pregnant
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Worst Movies to Watch While Pregnant

If you're expecting, keep these flicks off your queue.

“Knocked Up”

As much as we love funny men Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, “Knocked Up” definitely made our list of worst movies to watch while pregnant. If you’ve already seen it, you know which scene we’re talking about — the crowning glory was a little too graphic for our taste. We didn’t need to see all of that.

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Ever wonder what it’d be like to give birth to a not-so-nice baby alien? No? Good — don’t watch the sci-fi classic “Alien” then. Although you giving birth to an extraterrestrial is near impossible, the scene sure is gross in the film. You don’t want to see it.

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“Steel Magnolias”

You’ve probably seen “Steel Magnolias” already — of course you have, every girl over the age of 18 has — so we’re not even going to remind you the sad fate of Shelby (played by Julia Roberts) in the movie. It’ll only make you cry.

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“Rosemary’s Baby”

There’s nothing to love about giving birth to Satan. In this 1960s thriller, Rosemary’s first trimester is every mom-to-be’s worst nightmare — severe abdominal pains, raw-meat cravings, a gaunt appearance… Yikes!

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“Father of the Bride Part II”

When you finally go into labor, it’s important not to panic — but, in “Father of the Bride Part II” what happens is the opposite. Don’t use this movie as a model of what you and baby’s daddy will do when delivery day is finally here.

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“The Omen”

This 1970s horror film follows the story of a birth gone completely wrong. After mom Katherine gives birth to a son, he unexpectedly dies. Dad Robert decides to substitute an orphan in his place — and guess what, faux son Damien turns out to be the antichrist. Gah!

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In this 2009 film, a woman finds herself in a tragic car accident where both her husband and unborn child die. She decides to carry the baby to term and to her surprise, the baby is revived. After naming the miracle baby Grace, it’s apparent — like Damien in “The Omen” — something is creepily wrong with her.
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You finally have baby, baby grows up, then baby is ready to go to college. But first, she decides to go on a trip to Europe with a friend and goes missing after being snatched by human traffickers. Although the movie is not based on a true story, if your baby is not careful it can happen. Watching films like this can only make you paranoid, so hold off.

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Oh the drama! We’ve all had our fair share of it before with both friends and frenemies alike. Now is not the time to remind yourself what it was like to have that falling out with your pal. Although there’s much to relate to in “Beaches” (you know, with Barbara Hershey as “Hillary” being pregnant in the movie and all), keep this dramedy as a distant memory for now.

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We added Disney cartoon “Bambi” to this list simply because it’s such a mega tearjerker. Spoiler alert: Bambi’s mom dies leaving Bambi to fend for himself. In your current sensitive state, we can’t even imagine how emotional you’d get.

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“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1”

When childbirth goes wrong: It involves Bella’s spine breaking, a c-section with vampire teeth and lots of blood. Guess that’s what it takes to give birth to a half-vampire/half-human baby.

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