You’re Pregnant, Now What? How to Make a Smooth Transition Into Motherhood

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Updated January 30, 2017
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This post was written by Jane Buckingham, Huggies expert and author of Modern Girl’s Guide to Motherhood

So you just found out you’re pregnant, now what to do? Upon seeing that little pink plus sign, excitement and emotion flood through you but, when reality sets in, questions can start to consume you. What should I do first? What will life as a mother be like? Women are seeking pregnancy information from any and all sources—especially online:

  • A recent Huggies survey found that 78% of new moms and expecting women spend at least two hours a day researching baby-related topics online.
  • 52% of new and expectant moms trust information about pregnancy from the internet as much as information from a doctor
  • 71% of new and expectant moms wish they had one “ go-to source” for all baby information.

As a mother of two and author of Modern Girl’s Guide to Motherhood, I understand the transition from pregnancy to motherhood is a joyous occasion but can also be filled with question marks and sometimes, panic. I know that all parents are always on the hunt for real-life parenting advice and tips, online and on-the-go, especially expectant and new moms. Once you find out you’re going to be a new mom, remember these useful tips during your pregnancy:

  • Do Your Research –we all want more information! Do some online research to answer some of the questions you have. My favorite spot is the Mommy Answers Forum on the Huggies Facebook page because it’s a one-stop destination for all the top pregnancy and baby information from leading parenting sites and resources.
  • Pack Smart – Right now you may not be thinking about the day you go to the hospital, but it might sneak up on you so be prepared. Pack a bag in advance with the minimal necessities. Include a small, inexpensive but comfy pillow to bring with you to the hospital but not bring home. You’ll leave with twice as much as you came with, including gifts, flowers, supplies, and of course the new baby! So, aim to streamline your hospital bag.
  • Plan Ahead – We all want to share the great news! And, with social media these days, we can do it in an instant. Smartphone-addicted or not, e-mailing is the fastest and least taxing way to spread the word of your newest arrival. Consider creating a mailing list and drafting an email ahead of time so that it’s all ready to go.

Becoming a mom is full of surprises and “first-times,” but having the right information, tips and advice will help you enjoy your pregnancy and welcome baby with ease!

For more information and answers to your most pressing questions - visit to search Huggies Mommy Answers – and have all the top pregnancy and baby information from leading parenting sites and resources at your fingertips! ++++++ Jane Buckingham is the author of Modern Girls Guide to Motherhood and a mother of two. She is also the founder of the website, Trendera and is an authority in trend spotting for Gen X, Y and upcoming Z Generations.

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