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What Are Some Tips For Traveling With Baby?

Have any tips for making travel time with baby go more smoothly?

It can be very difficult to run errands or travel with a baby. Here are some tips to make things a bit smoother:

Stick to the schedule

Do your best to mimic the same schedule whether you’re away for a few hours or a few weeks. Children like routine and tend to behave better when they have a predictable sense of order.

Know their limits

If you can help it, don't run errands or attend events when baby's tired or hungry. If it’s her naptime, encourage her to rest or sleep. Remember that kids have short attention spans and can’t sit still or in one place for a long period of time.

Keep them engaged

Bring books or toys with you in the car, at the shopping mall, on the airplane, and so on. When children are bored, they tend to act out, so keep them occupied. It's even better if they're toys that are new, or that they haven't played with in a while. Slowly reveal new things to play with over the course of your trip.

Double diaper

Long car or plane ride? Parenting coach Tammy Gold recommends putting two diapers on baby (one right over the other) to prevent baby from getting uncomfortably wet. Overnight diapers work well too.

Snack 'em up

Everyone gets cranky when they're hungry or thirsty. Pack plenty of formula, bottles, water and snacks — more than you think you need, in case of delays, says Gold. If you're flying, nurse or bottle-feed baby during takeoff and landing to prevent ear pain from the air pressure change. For older kids, swallowing snacks or drinks should help.

Bring baby's lovey

Don't forget baby's favorite blanket or stuffed animal at home. Having it when she's in a new place will help her feel more comfortable.

By Tammy Gold