5 Baby Products That Work for Mom, Too!

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Updated February 26, 2017
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Have you looked around your house lately and thought, “Where did all of this baby stuff come from?” Well, here’s great news. Some of your little one’s stuff will work for you, too! Check out how to use these products for you and your baby.

Baby powder. Baby powder might become your next best friend. Traditionally, baby powder has been used to keep baby’s bum and skin in good shape, but in truth, the possibilities are endless. Sprinkle some on your scalp on a non-shower day to absorb the oils and you’ll be amazed at how clean your hair feels. Dust it over recently applied makeup to set it and keep your face looking fresh all day. Shake some into a smelly shoe and help eliminate odors. You’ll be amazed at the endless uses of this baby product!

Lanolin. Are you a breastfeeding mama? Lanolin is not only great aid for every breastfeeding woman, it can also aid your beauty routines in more ways than one. Use it on chapped lips, rough cuticles, or apply it to your hair like a pomade. It also works great as an overall moisturizer and can be used to target the driest areas: elbows, knees and heels. Want another easy use? Use lanolin to soften and waterproof your leather boots or your little guy’s baseball mitt. Who knew this was such a versatile product?

Baby oil. Baby oil is great at keeping baby moisturized and soft. What can it do for mom? Simply dab a cotton swab in baby oil and use it as an eye makeup remover. Bonus: it will even take off waterproof mascara! Do you have a home project your working on that involves paint? Keep you baby oil handy because it can help remove those annoying bits of paint that you can never get off of your hands. One last use that might top all the other ones: massage oil. Use this baby product as a way to reconnect with your significant other after a long day of hard work.

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Your Baby. Okay, this is not a product, but your baby can do great things for you! It can be really difficult finding time to make it to the gym with little ones running around. Grab your baby or toddler and do some arm exercises. Lift them up and down, in circles, and side to side. You will have toned your arms while getting in some quality bonding time. Add in some squats and tone up your legs, too. You’re most likely going to be holding them anyways, so why not make a workout of it?

Baby wipes. Think that baby wipes are just for baby? Think again! Baby wipes can be used to take off makeup, help remove hair dye ,  or even those annoying deodorant stains left on your black shirt. Use them around the house to wipe down walls, spills on furniture, or to clean up a pair of white sneakers. Rumor has it that baby wipes can even take crayon off walls!

Have you found any baby products that have other great uses?

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