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Kylie McConville

Amazing! Pregnancy In 120 Seconds (WATCH!)

Pregnancy time lapse videos are probably the coolest thing to hit the Internet since the invention of memes. (Yep, I said it. Memes.)

In the video below, these two adorable parents-to-be take us through their nine month journey to baby in just 120 seconds. We score a peek at the drastic ways mom's body changes, how quickly baby grows, hundreds of baby clothes, their first baby bath and first holiday (before baby) — all to the tune of a sentimental jam that makes us want to actually reach through the screen and give these two a hug.

Daddy-to-be even gives us a hint as to how far mom is during her pregnancy (hint: she's 75 percent loaded!).

Check it out:

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Did you make a video or a scrapbook to chronicle your pregnancy?

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