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Vomiting In Babies

Baby’s throwing up? There are a ton of different things that could be causing him to. Here’s how to know.

What is vomiting like for a baby?

You know what this is: Throwing up is never a pleasant experience for you or your child, but like sneezing and coughing, it’s pretty common in babies and toddlers. And most of the time, it’s really no major cause for worry.

What could be causing my baby to vomit?

There’s a host of issues that will make a baby or toddler vomit, but most often a stomach virus is to blame. If you’ve been traveling, your little one may simply have a case of motion sickness. And sometimes even just eating too much can cause an upchuck. A more serious worry is if your child has swallowed something poisonous (like a drug or plant) or has developed food poisoning.
When should I bring my baby to the doctor with vomiting?

Seek immediate medical attention if your child is also having trouble breathing or if he has severe abdominal pain (which could be the sign of a blockage), or if there’s blood or bile (dark green or fluorescent yellow) in the vomit. If he’s still vomiting after a couple of days, it’s worth a consult with your doc.

What should I do to treat my baby’s vomiting?

Don’t force him to eat or drink anything, but do try to give him small, frequent sips of fluids, even if it’s as little as one teaspoon every 15 minutes or so. Electrolyte beverages (like Pedialyte or Gatorade G2) or popsicles can also be soothing. Peppermint or chamomile tea (don’t worry — they’re naturally caffeine-free), crushed ice or even ginger ale can also help prevent dehydration.