The 10 Worst Father’s Day Gifts

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, but pair that with the search for the perfect Father’s Day present and the pressure is on! But breathe easy, mama. As long as you don’t buy him one of these less-than-stellar gifts, you’ll be A-OK.
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ByCaitlin Brody
May 2017
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“A breast pump. Um, what’s he gonna do with one of those?” — @HowToBeADad

“An empathy belly, although I have to admit it would be pretty funny to see DH look knocked up!” — jezebella

“Shirts or hats that proclaim he’s the ‘World’s Best Dad’ are just cheesy. I know my DH would never wear those.” — SarahL77

“Um, a mani/pedi?” — @allisonpini

“The Daddle. It’s a saddle for LO to sit on daddy’s back and is kind of on par with the Snuggie.” — @EmersonHospital

“A young, hot nanny. Well, that may be the worst gift for you — he’d probably enjoy it.” — stylez6

“An expensive watch. Secretly he’d probably love it, but he’d rather I save our money!” — barbiebomb

“Socks. I know they’re not exciting…at all, but he really did need them.” — Conniewing

“Another positive pregnancy test. There’s no way he’s ready for baby number two yet!” — sodelish

“DH’s aunt gave him a house plant, as if the poor guy isn’t overwhelmed enough trying to keep our kids alive!” — missfire

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