15 Stylish Baby and Kid’s Products Made in The USA

Guest post by Gary Osborne, children's style expert and founder of Oliver & AdelaideAs a new dad, I discovered how difficult it is to find American-made items for my children. After extensive searching and testing I've discovered the safest, heirloom quality items for your child all made in the USA. These wonderful clothes, toys and furnishings are from the some of the best designers and artists.  
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January 30, 2017
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Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide
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Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Cloud Mobile by Baby Jives

I believe that whatever furnishings you purchase for your child should last for many years to come. This mobile is a magical piece for all stages of development and makes any setting a magical one.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Customized Toy Box by Mod Box

This piece is sensational. And it is one of the most visually appealing and functional children’s storage pieces out there. It is deserving of a place anywhere in your home where toys need a place to hide. Mod Box will customize any design for your home and child.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Bunny Baby Flatware & Cup by Beehive Kitchenware

Forget about the “little blue box” baby gifts. These contemporary heirloom pieces are adorable, cleverly crafted and suitably functional. Crafted from lead-free pewter and ergonomically shaped for their sweet little mouths.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Grasshopper Pull Toy by Kenneth Maurus

This is not only beautiful to look at, but engineered in an ingenious way so that your toddler can lead her all over your home while discovering the magical articulated limbs of a grasshopper. Perfect for the toddler starting to experiment with walking and balancing.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Cotton Coat, Smock Dress & Mini-stripe Leggings by Go Gently Baby

A functional collection for café baby style. This collection is the perfect solution to your baby’s comfort while maintaining a well-styled look.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Doll by Kathryn Davey

Pleated skirt, polka dot socks and an alpaca knit sweater, cap and scarf are simply gorgeous with this autumn inspired creation. I have fallen in love with her and I am sure your child will too. All the clothes are removable and Kathryn Davey Dolls are coming up with more and more fabulous ensembles every season.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Functional Family Portrait by Goose Grease

Go beyond the family photo shoot. Capture your family moment in time with these hand-painted, commissioned wooden dolls. I envision the children reenacting many family moments during play. These pieces are a perfect tool for building imagination and creativity.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Harlequin Light

I saw this fixture and I could not believe they were domestically produced in Vermont. They are perfect for any child’s room adding both whimsy and elegance. These are not sold as children’s lamps, but are perfect for any little princess’ castle.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Porcelain Tea Set by Rae Dunn for Jess Brown

Set the table for an exquisite tea party. Instead of mass-produced plastics, give your child the tactile experience of handcrafted porcelain. This charmingly perfect tea set will be a treasured keepsake. Each piece is hand sculpted making each set one of a kind.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Bijou Tall Boot by Zuzii

Is there a more fabulous boot out there for your little one? Classic shoemaking combined with modern aesthetic provides a super soft walker for your toddler.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Giraffe with Camera by Woolbuddy

This is a true work of art that brings a sense of playfulness to a child’s room. When you look at him you just can’t help but feel happy. Create a safari in your child’s play room with the natural fiber of wool.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Lady Mushroom Pillow by Colette Bream

This pillow brings a whimsical pop of sweet personality to any child’s room. She will soon become your child’s long-time cuddle friend. All 100% lamb’s wool providing your child with natural moisturizing lanolin for their soft skin.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

3 String Guitar by Zither

A beautifully functional child’s first guitar with a clear sound to train your little one’s ear.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

The Historian Cardigan & Leggings by Loop Collection

Inspired vintage looks with a contemporary sensibility. Loop’s color, hand feel and fit will be the absolute coolest in your child’s playgroup. All the yarn is created from recycled super soft cotton helping sustain a greener world.

Image: Photo: Oliver & Adelaide

Limited Edition Print by Sarah Nicholas Williams for Radish Moon

The depiction of the animals in character is so beautifully innocent and whimsical. These pieces are a wonderful addition to any child’s décor and are the perfect picture for mommy or daddy to create a fantastical nighttime story.

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