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Are More Babies Born When There’s a Full Moon?

Is it true that more babies are born when there is a full moon?

Like most old wives’ tales, this tale (keyword: tale) is not true, despite the fact that even doctors and nurses like to repeat this one. In fact, some medical staffers at a Sacramento, California, hospital recently  pointed to the full moon to explain the 45 babies that were born there within just 48 hours.

As the theory goes, since the moon’s gravitation pull is strong enough to influence the tides, it’s also strong enough to affect a woman’s body — namely, her menstrual cycle and, if she’s pregnant and nearing her due date, her contractions.

However, there’s no scientific proof to the “more babies during a full moon” theory. But when you’re the doc on call and laboring women keep getting admitted to your delivery rooms, it must feel like there’s some sort of mystical explanation for the surge. No wonder they keep repeating the tale.

Bottom line: The man in the moon won’t control when your baby will be born. If you’re nearing your due date and wondering if the moon’s phase will have anything to do with baby’s birth day, don’t count on it. Instead, have your bags packed for when baby decides the time is right.

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—Kelly Kasper, MD, OB/GYN and associate clinical professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine

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