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15 Things You Need to Pick Up on Your Last Prebaby Target Run

Having these little items on hand will make a big difference in those first few months.

Car seat? Installed. Stroller? Assembled. Expectant parents need to buy so much stuff. And just when you think you’re all done checking every item off the baby must-haves list, you realize there’s a whole host of little necessities you didn’t think of yet. Don’t worry, we’re here to clue you in on the items you almost certainly still need to grab (and in some cases, stockpile). These are the everyday essentials nobody gets at their shower. Luckily, you can always count on Target to stock every last item you’re looking for in one convenient place. One last swoop through the aisles with a big red cart (or two) will have you fully equipped—finally—for the first few months with your new little person.

1. Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers

Swings, monitors and toys are just a few examples of baby gear that take batteries. Whether the devices you’ve bought take Ds, Cs or AAs, you’ll save money with rechargeables. Trust us: There’s little worse than a bouncy seat that stops vibrating just as baby starts to nod off.

Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA batteries, $11 for set of 4, Target.com; Energizer Recharge PRO battery charger, $19, Target.com

2. Single-Handed Snacks

What’s that? You never really thought about how you’d eat if you were holding something (or someone) most of the day? Understandable, but we strongly suggest stocking a supply of zero-prep, healthy snacks that can be eaten with one hand. Think nutrition bars, string cheese, mixed nuts, sunflower kernels and peanut butter sandwich crackers.

3. Frozen Dinners

Your most thoughtful veteran mom friend may drop off a lasagna when you bring baby home. But then what? Let’s be real, cooking probably isn’t going to happen often. Unless your mother-in-law is staying with you indefinitely (in which case you need a whole other list), quick and easy freezer meals are your new best friends.

Stouffer’s Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Bake, Target

4. Cleaning Wipes

If you’ve never been a fan of cleaning wipes, now is the time to rethink your stance. You know how everyone always tells you to sleep while baby sleeps? That’s ridiculous, you’ll soon discover. What we all do when baby sleeps is attempt some kind of cleaning up—and fast. Wipes make that possible.

Seventh Generation lemongrass citrus disinfecting wipes, $6, Target.com

5. Dishwasher Tabs

You may not be cooking much, but if you’re bottle-feeding you’ll have countless bottles, nipples and rings to clean on a daily basis. Go with tabs over gel (it’s that one-handed thing again).

Method dishwasher power packets, $11, Target.com

6. Laundry Detergent

It’s one of the most enduring mysteries of new parenthood: How can one (tiny) additional person increase the laundry threefold? Prepare to use laundry detergent faster than the Kardashians run through eyeliner. Stock up on a gentle detergent that’s safe for newborns.

Honest Company baby laundry detergent, $14, Target.com

7. Extra Bodysuits

See the enduring mystery above. Baby will basically live in bodysuits for the first few months and between spit-up, drool and the ever-dreaded diaper blowout, it’s never a bad idea to have a few extra on hand.

Cloud Island bodysuits, $10 for four, Target.com

8. Toilet Paper

Not something you want to run out of when you’re home alone with baby and it’s downpouring. Target’s brand has a great price (good), has 1,000 sheets on each roll so you replace it less often (better), and is septic-safe to reduce the chance of a clogged toilet (priceless).

Up & Up bathroom tissue, $13 for set of 24, Target.com

9. Diapers

Okay, this one you don’t need us to tell you. But considering how crucial these are, it bears repeating. It’s hard to predict how many of which size you’ll need. It depends on your baby, of course, as well as the brand of diaper. They all fit a little differently, even when they’re the same size. For now, make sure you have one large package of newborn size and three large packages of size 1 and call it a day.

Pampers Swaddlers, $25 for set of 88, Target.com

10. Baby Wipes

Even if you got a pack or two at your shower, buy more. Aside from the obvious, here are 10 of the 99 things you will clean with them: your hands; baby’s hands; the pacifier after it drops to the floor; the car seat and its environs after baby spits up in it (that’s a whole pack right there); the high chair tray; the inside of the diaper bag when something leaks; the stroller bar; toys except maybe plush (though you’ll try); and stains on the clothing you or baby is wearing. Oh, and the car dashboard, because the wipes are right next to you, and then it feels like you accomplished something.

Up & Up fresh cucumber baby wipes, $14 for set of 8 packages, Target.com

11. Diaper Rash Cream

A soon-to-be parent who has never actually seen diaper rash may imagine noticing baby’s bum looking a little pink, then turning to their partner to say, “Next time you’re out, maybe pick up some rash cream.” In reality, diaper rash looks horrendous, breaks your heart, and always seems to appear full force out of nowhere. The value of preparedness can’t be overemphasized.

Honest Company diaper rash cream, $10, Target.com

12. Coffee Pods

But first, coffee! If you never quite understood that catchphrase, just wait a few weeks. If you don’t already have a Keurig, you might want to think about getting one. It’s just so much easier. Did we mention there’s this one-hand issue?

Keurig K-Cups Coffee Lover’s Collection, $29 for set of 42, Target.com; Keurig K-Classic coffee maker, $90, Target.com

13. Extra-Long Charging Cable

What for? For when you’re trapped on the couch under a finally-sleeping infant and your phone is dying. You’re welcome.

Just Wireless iPhone charging cable, $30, Target.com

14. Hair Ties

A ponytail may become your go-to look, not only because it’s as fast as it gets, but because you’d be surprised at how hard 4-month-olds can pull hair. Pick comfy, soft ones that go with anything.

Goody Ouchless ribbon elastics, $4 for set of 5, Target.com

15. Dry Shampoo

While you’re in the hair care aisle, snap up a can of dry shampoo. Even if you’ve never used it before in your life, there will be times as a sleep-deprived new parent when a shower just ain’t happening (again).

Batiste dry shampoo, $6, Target.com

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