Best of Pregnancy Winner for Top Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

No alcohol? No problem.
ByThe Bump Editors
March 29, 2021
Seedlip, brand non-alcoholic spirits
Image: Courtesy Seedlip
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And the Winner Is: Seedlip Trio

There are lots of milestones during pregnancy to celebrate—just not with a glass of bubbly. The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) strongly suggests you refrain from drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Alcohol can reach the placenta and while your liver is capable of breaking it down, baby’s isn’t quite up for the job yet. Instead reach for a non-alcoholic elixir. Seedlip’s trio of spirits are super flavorful, distilled using centuries old techniques and pair perfectly with a splash of tonic or soda. These are not your average sugary mocktail, trust us. All the spirits are allergy friendly, and calorie and sugar free resulting in a safe and truly delicious sip.

What We Love

• These spirits are equal parts delicious and safe for indulging. No alcohol, sugar or calories.

• The flavor profiles are next level thanks to a centuries old distillation process—each botanical is distilled separately before being blended together for a sophisticated sip, i.e. this is no surgery mocktail.

• There are three distinct blends to choose from: Grove, Spice and Garden. They can be mixed with simple soda water or blended with extracts, fruits and veggies for complex cocktails.

• Seedlip uses all natural ingredients and sustainable packaging and is on a mission to be completely carbon neutral by 2022.

Buy it: $50,

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