Choosing the Right Baby Carrier For Baby

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February 26, 2017
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This sponsored post was written by Deirdre Bell of Boba Inc. Boba designs products whose innovative features and intelligent design remove obstacles and make babywearing easy and fun.

Babywearing keeps baby close, warm, protected, and attached. At the same time, it gives you the freedom to live your life without leaving your baby behind. As babywearing experts at Boba Family, we understand that carriers need to be designed with a baby’s unique physiological needs in mind. Here’s our advice for how to select a great carrier you and baby will love!

Avoid forward-facing carriers

Baby carriers that hold a baby facing outward may be popular, but they’re not friendly to tiny bodies. Front-facing carriers force babies’ spines into a hollow-back or hyperextended position. This causes the infant to absorb the impact of each of his parent’s steps. Plus, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute warns that baby carriers that suspend children by the pelvis with no hip support increases the risk of hip deformity or dislocation.

Support baby as he grows

Look for a baby carrier that mimics the way a mother would hold her child at different stages of development. For a newborn, that means a carrier that holds baby close, in his natural, curled-up position (with knees and hips bent like a frog). As the baby grows, he’ll need something with a wide seat to take the weight off his spine and distribute it ergonomically. Then when your baby grows into a toddler, he will need some leg support to keep his long legs from dangling.

Here are a few of the baby-friendly features that make Boba unique.

  1. Age-appropriate conversions included. Babies’ needs change as they grow. The Boba 3G Baby Carrier easily converts to a newborn carrier without an insert. Once baby is a toddler, attach the included foot rests to keep her knees and hips supported.
  2. Breastfeeding-friendly design. Side straps allow you to easily pull your baby closer or create a bit more space. These quick and easy adjustments allow for spontaneous, no-fuss nursing while babywearing.
  3. Parent-friendly adjustments. Babywearing needs to be comfortable for you, too! That’s why Boba 3G has adjustable chest, back, and side straps that create the perfect fit for parents of all shapes and sizes
  4. Head protection. The Boba Carrier 3G comes with a removable, adjustable sleeping hood to support baby’s head. It also shields your child’s delicate head from the sun.

When you decide to buy a baby carrier, you’re creating closeness while opening the door to family adventures. Have fun!

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