The 5 Coolest New Baby Gadgets to Know About

This baby gear will definitely help make your life easier. (Or at least a little more interesting.)
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Updated February 28, 2017
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Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Car Seat and Travel System

Did you know that 7 out of 10 car seats are installed incorrectly? Well, this little gadget will ensure that you get it right every time. The Prodigy infant car seat base from Summer Infant has a smart screen that gives you step-by-step instructions for leveling, tightening, and installing the base before the car seat even goes in. So you can finally rest easy knowing baby’s safe.

Available in March 2011 from; $180.


Philips AVENT Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Sensors and New Eco Mode

This isn’t your typical baby monitor. In addition to tracking the intensity level of baby’s cries (LED lights flash to alert you when the sound reaches a certain level), the AVENT DECT monitor also reports on room temperature, plays soothing music to hum baby to sleep, and displays the time. But we think the most helpful feature is the two-way speaker, which allows you to talk back to baby so you can calm him from wherever you are in the house.

Available now at; $160.


Hygeia EnJoye-LBI Double Electric Breast Pump

Let’s be honest, nobody really likes to pump. But Hygeia’s hospital-grade breast pumps just might take some of the annoyance out of the whole ordeal. To customize your pump for max comfort, the EnJoye comes with adjustable speed and suction controls. And bonus: It even has a closed milk collection section that separates the tubing from the bottle, which will help prevent any gross mold from forming as a result of leftover condensation. But how’s this for cool: It’s even got a CARE button you can press when baby’s in the room to record her cries for later. Then, when you’re pumping, simply hit the playback button, and your body’s natural response to baby’s cries will help stimulate your milk production. Yep, pretty awesome.

Available now at; $300


Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls from Boon

We’re big fans of all the innovative toys and baby products that come from Boon, and this one is no exception. The two-in-one interactive night light and toy transitions between colors for 30 minutes until baby falls asleep (if you’re lucky). Then during the day, you can remove the BPA-free plastic balls and let baby toss them around and play with them. A gadget that puts baby to sleep and entertains him during the day? Score.

Available in Spring 2011 from


Origami Power-Folding Stroller from 4Moms

Remember when the one-handed fold seemed genius? Well imagine simply pressing a button and having your stroller fold on its own in less than 10 seconds. Yep, that’s what this little baby does. Plus, if you’re worried about potential hazards, fear not: It can also detect when baby’s in the seat, to avoid folding accidentally. But that’s not all — it also has a built-in charger you can plug into the wall at night so it can power a phone charger, speakers, daytime running lights, and a speedometer during the day.

Available Spring 2011 at

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