“I Knew I Was Pregnant When…”

Strange cravings, overwhelming odors, early bedtimes and other ways moms first suspected they were expecting.
ByThe Bump Editors
Jun 2017
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When you’re trying to conceive, chances are you’re on the sharp lookout for any signs of early pregnancy. But what do those signs actually look like? From strange food cravings to serious fatigue, find out how these moms got the biological hint.

Wacky Cravings

“I woke up my husband for a late-night run to get Sour Patch Kids!” —Heather B.

“I had a new affection for dunking French fries in milkshakes. Yum!” —Nicole R.

“I found myself craving Cheetos. I almost started crying standing at the vending machine because it was all out!” —Hannah W.

“I craved beans every day. Every. Day.” —Jennifer B.

Roller Coaster Emotions

“I freaked out on my husband for interrupting the last five minutes of When Harry Met Sally.” —Rachel S.

“Frosty the Snowman made my cry hysterically!” —Kayla R.

“I got emotional and cried to ‘Love You Like a Love Song,’ by Selena Gomez.” —Britnie L.

Major Fatigue

“I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 8 p.m.” —Kristy T.

“I became an instant narcoleptic.” —Mya J.

The urge to pee

“I practically moved into the bathroom.” —Lauren G.

“I ran a full marathon and had to stop and pee at every porta potty (every mile).” —Simi M.

Pregnancy dreams

“I had a dream that I went to my car and found a car seat in the back!” —Serina O.

Other Early Signs

“I looked like I had a boob job overnight.” —Erin S.

“I couldn’t stop burping.” —Kristen G.

“I gained 10 pounds for no reason (or so I thought).” —Grace B.

“I started cleaning everything. “ —Krisha H.

“I walked down the laundry detergent aisle at the store and was overwhelmed by how strongly I could smell the fragrances.” —Kelly V.

“I hadn’t gotten my period, and it was about two weeks after my wedding!” —Nina J.

Some names have been changed.

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