10 Biggest Parenting Trends of 2017

From snapping pics of fruit as baby clothes to shutting down mom-shamers, here’s what parents were posting and sharing this year.
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November 11, 2017
Baby in Bonnet in Field
Image: Sarah Reed

It’s no secret that social media has shaped the way we parent—or, at least, the way we appear to parent. And each time a new fad goes viral, we’re guaranteed to see it invade all of our favorite #momlife feeds. Here’s a list of the top 10 trends that took over over the social media mom-scape this past year.

1. Letter Boards

The resurgence of these classic customizable signs has given way to absolute social media hysteria. Pregnancy and new parenthood now demand that we use letter boards to track growth, announce new arrivals, mark special occasions and share our every thought. If they aren’t already sprouting up on baby registries nationwide, just wait until 2018.

2. Filtered Baby Snaps

Every new mom thinks her child is the cutest little person on the planet, but you know what’s even more adorable? A photo of baby as a deer with doey eyes and a fuzzy nose, or her wearing a nighttime eye mask or even sporting a monocle—all courtesy of the myriad filters now available on Snapchat.

3. Tree of Life “Brelfies”

Paying homage to the power of breastfeeding, moms everywhere began posting artistic photos of themselves nursing using PicsArt’s new “Tree of Life” filter. The work-of-art images illustrate the nourishment that mom provides her growing baby and the incredible mother-child bond that ensues.

4. InstaShopping

Move over, Etsy—social media has given way to a new crop of entrepreneurs who’ve established a social marketplace for mom-and-pop shops. These days, a lot of parents are turning to Instagram and other social media platforms to find unique, handmade clothing and accessories for their children. Which means not only can parents support small business, but they can also avoid any unintentional Gap Kids twinning on school picture day.

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5. Baby Meloning

The most adorable of all social crazes this past year was undoubtedly “baby meloning,” where parents snap a pic of a piece of fruit (melon or otherwise) in such a way that it looks as though their child is wearing it as clothing. The fad became so popular, it’s expanded to include outfits made of tacos, pizza slices, veggies and even photos of “pumpkin butt.” We can’t wait to see what other foods crop up next!

Image: Sarah Reed

6. Bonnets

It’s a little unclear when or why bonnets made a resurgence in our modern mom culture, but apparently being a new mom in 2017 requires that you dress your child in one of these headpieces made popular in the 18th century.

Image: iStock

7. Mom Shaming Backlash

How we choose to raise our children is incredibly personal, and one of the downsides of social media is that it gives haters and shamers a platform to criticize people’s parenting styles that don’t align with their own. Lucky for us, in 2017, mamas from all around the Internet collectively declared, “Enough is enough.” (Take The Bump contributor Natalie Thomas, for example, who spoke out about being shamed for choosing to formula-feed her baby.) We can all benefit from a bit more support and a bit less judgment.

8. “Toddlered” as a Verb

You have to love it when our culture creates a new verb out of thin air. And this year, mamas everywhere were getting “toddlered.” It’s actually surprising that it took this long for someone to come up with it, since we’re pretty sure parents have been getting “toddlered” for generations. If you’re fuzzy on how to use the term, think of it this way: This is my house before having children; this is my house now that it’s been “toddlered.” Any questions?

Image: Daria Bova

9. Inventive Monthly Baby Photos

It’s exciting to watch baby get bigger as the months go by. So instead of simply spreading the word that their child is one month older, parents are now celebrating the milestone with an entire photoshoot, complete with elaborate photo props—from fresh flower petals arranged into baby’s age to numbered swaddles designed to help you mark the occasion.

10. #HonestMotherhood

Finally, moms are embracing the glorious mess that is motherhood! Parents really opened up this year about the realities of raising kids, and are doing their best to avoid propagating the picture-perfect fantasy of motherhood that sure looks good in your Instagram feed but, let’s face it, is really one big lie.

Published November 2017

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