Q&A: Prenatal Pampering?

What are some fun ways to pamper and treat myself during pregnancy?I know there are a lot of resources popping up for pregnant women these days — what are some of the best ones?
ByPaula Kashtan
February 28, 2017
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Prenatal pampering is definitely one of the biggest new trends. Some of the best ways to treat yourself:

Baby planner
They’ll help you plan a nursery, set up your baby registry, and even send out birth announcements. Come on, you had a wedding planner… why on earth not a baby planner? Meet Melissa Gould and Ellie Miller, our own expert baby planners.

With a new baby on the way, it’s tough to predict the next time you and your partner will be able to get some alone time, let alone a solo getaway. That’s why now is such a perfect time for a romantic just-for-two vacation. Hotels and resorts are also capitalizing on the trend, offering tons of fun packages exclusively for moms-to-be and their partners. Check out our tips for the perfect babymoon.

Maternity photos
On first thought, it may not seem too appealing — shell out cash to document your huge, uncomfortable belly and create a keepsake? Well, think again. Maternity photos are the perfect way to embrace your bump and capture the inherent beauty of pregnancy. Here’s how to pick a great photographer.

Food delivery
It’s tough enough to maintain a healthy diet when life is normal. Add in the extra (and extra important) nutritional demands of pregnancy and the endless to-dos of preparing for baby, and… umm… yeah. That’s why we love food delivery services like Fresh Mommythat bring balanced (specially for pregnancy!) nutrition straight to your door.

Prenatal spas
Massages… facials… leg, foot and belly treatments… manis and pedis… there’s no reason to give up the spa treatments now that your pregnant. In fact, if you’ve never been one to indulge, now is a great time to start. (Come on, who needs and deserves the TLC more than pregnant women?) Our fave spa is Destination Maternity’s Edamame. Before you go, read our spa safety tips.

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