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5 Prenatal Spa Treatments to Book Now

Your back hurts. Your legs feel like stuffed sausages. And what’s the deal with the breakouts? Time for a little TLC.

When you've got baby in your belly, pains in places you didn't know you had and pregnancy hormones making your skin freak out, your body needs a little extra loving. Ladies, it might be time for a spa day. But wondering what's safe? Here are the best sessions to treat yourself to and what you can expect from each of them.

Prenatal massage

The promise

It nixes stress and swelling, especially in your lower back where extra pounds equal major tension.

The reality

Some women book this solely for the table (at most places, there’s a hole so you can actually lie on your stomach!). Make sure that you’re signed up with a massage therapist who’s prenatally trained. They should be gentle with your feet and ankles and focus on your shoulders and back instead.

Back-ne & front-ne treatment

The promise

You think that pimples will only pop up around your face during pregnancy? Well, think again! Fight body breakouts with this exfoliating and pore- cleaning treatment.

The reality

Your skin is super-sensitive now, so warn your aesthetician. Skip harsh chemical exfoliations and go for physical exfoliations. Try a natural scrub to nix the worst pore-clogging offenders: dead and built-up skin cells.


The promise

It’ll treat the not-so-great skin problems (breakouts! redness! increased oil!) that come with pregnancy.

The reality

Go ahead and opt for a deep cleaning or blemish control version that includes gentle extraction and exfoliation (scrubbing only, no chemical peels) to combat breakouts. Bonus: Many facials also include a relaxing face, scalp and neck massage.

Body scrub

The promise

You’ll ward off stretch marks and treat the dry skin you can’t stop itching.

The reality

Exfoliation will remove dry, flaky (and dead) skin cells. And while the stretch-mark prevention cream has genetics to fight, it’s still a lotion that packs a big moisturizing punch — the perfect solution to that desert-like dryness problem.


The promise

Hey, it’s okay if it gives you a “I treated myself,” happy mood boost. You deserve it!

The reality

Just because you can’t touch your toes right now doesn’t mean they still can’t look pretty! Just be sure the salon is well ventilated, so you’re not breathing in a ton of fumes.

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