Totally Ingenious New Uses for Baby Products

Think you have one too many tubes of diaper ointment? Don’t worry; these clever parents prove that baby products can be very multipurpose.
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March 2, 2017
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Skin saver

"You can use Lansinoh diaper rash ointment on dry skin, chapped lips, diaper rash, and minor cuts and scrapes. It’s awesome!” —_ Lrichmond _



Heat it up

“Believe it or not, microwave sterilizer bags can be used to steam veggies.” —_ Sguyton_



Squeaky clean

“Baby shampoo to clean makeup brushes. They don’t get sudsy!” — Sbarch



Rough rags

“I use burp cloths to clean up around the house. They’re heavy-duty!” — Pbuenrostro



Wine cooler

"Baby food freezing trays are great for freezing wine for future recipes.” — Rmatthews




Get organized

“Now that my kids are older, I use their old baby food storage containers as storage for paints, hair accessories and other small things. I’ve also used them as popsicle molds.” — Maugustine



Clean up

“I use baby wipes to remove makeup and clean hands. They’re the best baby product ever!” —_ LLilly_



Nice and smooth

“I put baby oil on right after the shower. It keeps my skin super-soft and prolongs my shave!”_ — Bduvall_



Sweet relief

“Sudocrem is brilliant for soothing itches and burns!” —_ Kspurr_



Athlete’s cure

“Diaper cream is awesome for treating chaffing from running.” -- EmcDermott




Keep it cool

“I use the breast milk ice packs all the time. We’ve put them in a cooler with beer and soda.” — EMauer


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