The Worst Baby Gifts Ever

Bumpies shared the most ridiculous baby gifts they’ve received. We hope these came with gift receipts included!
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March 2, 2017
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“I received six very nice, warm fleece blankets, but my baby was born in July.” — SarahRae812

“Candle holders. My mother-in-law decided to buy us a ton of decorative stuff for the nursery, which included a set of matching votives holders for the baby’s room. I don’t think we’ll be lighting any candles in the nursery anytime soon.” — jcapelluti

“My grandma gave us a piggy bank that said, ‘Celebrating Your Christening.’ Only we’re not religious, and our son won’t be getting christened.” — angiekillaire

“Unwanted parenting advice — that gift keeps on giving long after the shower ends!” — tdeddington

“My aunt gave us an obviously used Mickey Mouse crib bumper that was very faded, slightly stained and smelled of must. Gross.” —_ bookkitten_

“Someone gave us a gift bag full of dollar-store items — shirts, pants, bottles, bibs, etc. I know they thought the cheaper the item, the more they could get us, but the problem was the items were terrible quality.” —_ toadstool_

“Clothes for the first year are awesome. Clothes past that (especially if you live in a small apartment or may be moving) are a pain to store!” — Shaynnon

“Stuffed animals annoy me. We already have about a billion. Really don’t need anymore, thanks.” —_ ITeachK_

“I registered for gender-neutral things. My friend gave us three outfits complete with socks and hair bows for a girl. Of course we had a boy, so now I have to go and return them.” — EllenK11

“A coworker gave me a homemade blanket. She didn’t knot the layers together so I actually had to come home and finish making the blanket.” — Mrsl

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