Moms Say This Viral Hair Comb Hack Helps With Labor Pains

It makes sense.
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July 23, 2019

There’s no getting around it, giving birth is hard. But the good news is, it isn’t nearly as scary as you’ve probably imagined it being. With a positive mindset and a few labor tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be ready for when the big moment finally arrives. Just make sure you have a hair comb at the ready.

Your ‘do may be the furthest thing from your mind, but lots of moms swear by keeping a comb in their hospital bag. Why? Grasping a comb during labor is said to alleviate some of the labor pain. That’s the latest talk of the town thanks to a viral Facebook post from Fox Valley Birth and Baby, a company which offers birth photography and videography, doula and lactation services, and childbirth education classes.

“When gripped in your hands, a comb can help hit acupuncture points in your hands,” the post says. “It also plays into the gate control pain theory. This theory states that the brain can only focus on a select number of sensations. Because the nerve endings are closer on your hands, they reach your brain faster. Helping your body forget about the contractions.”

Sounds easy enough, right? And it may be the real deal, at least according to the hundreds of moms who left comments on the post. “Yes! My doula gave me little plastic hedgehog to squeeze…It was the most helpful thing during the whole labor,” writes one mom. Others chimed in with tactics that helped mask the pain for them, including squeezing water bottles or pillows.

For the best results, Fox Valley Birth and Baby recommends having the comb hit the base of the fingers, across from the palm of your hands.

Getting into the right frame of mind will go a long way during your labor and delivery. If the comb trick isn’t for you, there are a bunch of other creative ways to deal with pain during labor. Music therapy, massages and soothing scents are just a few favorite go-to techniques moms tend to turn to. When all else fails, just remember baby is waiting for you at the finish line.

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