Watch How Your Organs Make Room for Baby

The human body is truly amazing. See how your organs shift to make space for baby in a 4-second GIF.
ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
February 24, 2017
Graphic of a woman's body changing during pregnancy
Image: Shutterstock

A lot will happen to your body throughout pregnancy. Your heart will pump harder. Your breasts will get bigger. Your organs will be squished. To showcase just how drastic these changes are, a GIF has condensed 40 weeks into four seconds. And regardless of your understanding of pregnancy, this will remind you that our bodies are amazing.

The GIF, tweeted out by Science Magazine, is from an ongoing exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Science + Industry. Take a look at an extended video version of these changes:

Like our very own Inside The Bump feature on The Bump App, this video offers insight into what’s really going on in your body. Staying connected to baby’s development is an important way to feel empowered during your pregnancy. Remember, a growing baby means more than just a growing baby bump; your entire anatomy has to make room too. Definitely share this one with your partner.

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