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Fitness YouTuber Shares Raw 25-Minute Labor and Delivery Video

“The toughest thing we’ve ever gone through, but by far the most rewarding.”
PUBLISHED ON 04/05/2019

YouTube personality Sarah Stephenson took to the platform to share an unfiltered peek at the days leading up to her delivery. The rollercoaster of a video takes us through Stephenson’s first contraction to the endless hours of labor and finally to the moment she meets her son. Since the video went live about a week ago, it has already amassed more than 1 million views, showing a very real look at childbirth.

The footage captures the excitement and anticipation, as well as the discomfort and frustrations women experience before, during and after they give birth. Throughout the video viewers witness Stephenson happy as a clam one minute, and then brought to tears without warning due to pain.

“I was determined to capture this experience for what it truly was, no matter the outcome or hiccups along the way. I’m so happy we were able to document this amazing experience for our own memories, but also to share with you [all],” she says in an Instagram post.

After six hours of active labor in the hospital, the mom felt like she was reaching her breaking point. “I was really struggling with the pain. I was lethargic and beyond exhausted from zero sleep over the past 30 hours,” she writes in the video. “I was distraught and lost all motivation. My body just couldn’t relax and the pain was becoming more than my mind and body could handle.”

She decided to ask for an epidural to help her body relax. Thirty minutes later, the baby’s heart rate dropped dramatically and doctors were called in to deliver the baby right away. The wild ride came to a sweet conclusion with Mom cuddling her newborn in her arms.

“Over 24 hours of pre-labor, 7 hours of active labour and no sleep for over 40 hours,” Stephenson recounts. “This was our reality after childbirth. The toughest thing we’ve ever gone through but by far the most rewarding.”

Childbirth may push you to your limit, but remember your beautiful baby will be waiting for you at the finish line.