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10 Hot Trends in Baby Products

What are you going to want to buy and register for in the coming months? Here's a peek.

Bird motifs

Birds made a huge scene a few years back, but we’re seeing them flying around again on sleep sacks, bedding and cloth diapers, like these ones by Bumkins, which give a vintage feel to the adorable nappies.

— Elena Donovan Mauer

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Berry and teal

Pastel pink and blue are classic, but if you’re looking for something fresh, go for a berry pink or teal blue for baby’s gear and decor. We saw these two bold hues on strollers (like this one by Bugaboo), booster seats, baby bouncers — even diaper pails!

Photo: The Bump

Bottles shaped more like mom

For all you breastfeeding mamas who’ve had trouble getting baby to take a bottle, you might want to head back to the store to check out the new selection. Brands such as Avent and Tommee Tippee now have bottles that better mimic a breast, but probably the most unique one is this angled bottle by Mimijumi.

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Convertible strollers everywhere!

Okay, here’s another phenomenon: the all-in-one stroller. It used to be that only a few companies dared to make these Transformers-type strollers, which grow with baby from newborn to big ol’ toddler. But now it seems like most stroller makers have at least one. Some (like this Kolcraft Contours Bliss, which will be released in spring 2013) have a separate bassinet attachment. Others have what looks like a bassinet, but folds directly into a big-kid seat.

Photo: The Bump

Smart solutions for common problems

Sure, many baby products are just cute, but a lot are also ingenious! We’re seeing a lot of products invented by parents who found simple solutions to common problems. A few examples: This Mixie bottle, which stores formula powder inside — when it’s time for a feeding, just release the powder into the water and shake; the Kiinde Kozii, which safely thaws breast milk, even in the bag; and Momo Baby shoes, which have an indicator that tells you when baby’s ready for the next size up.

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Muted and pastel colors with modern prints

So, yes, we’re seeing a ton of bold colors, but classic pink and blue will never go away in the world of baby, and neither will muted beige. But they’re getting a chic update with fashion-forward prints, such as uneven stripes, sketchy circles, giraffe print and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Retro style

Looking for something that’s more Mad Men than Modern Family? We’re loving this retro pram from Inglesina. Also, check out classic bassinets from BabyBjorn and Kolcraft.

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Gray is here to stay

Gray has completely replaced chocolate brown as the hot nursery neutral, and we’re expecting this steady trend to last for a while. There are new, light-gray car seats, nursing covers, nursery bedding and this cool, modern bassinet by Monte.

Photo: The Bump

Style for mama

Pretty necklace, huh? Well, Chewbeads double as a teething toy for baby, so you don’t have to keep it hidden in your jewelry box until baby’s out of the grabbing stage. Other new products include a pretty Reno Rose scarf you’d never know was also a nursing cover, Skip Hop diaper bags chic enough to carry as a purse and a new winter Ergobaby carrier that will make you look like a stylish snow bunny.

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Whimsy without cheesiness

Characters on a car seat sounds lame, doesn’t it? Not when it’s Paul Frank’s iconic imaging. Brands like Clek (pictured here), Skip Hop and Itzy Ritzy are creating baby and children’s products that are both playful and design-conscious, without an ounce of tacky.

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

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