Best of Baby 2015: Health & Safety

Baby's health and safety are concerns that can literally keep parents up at night. The good news? We've found products out there — from high-tech baby monitors to highly accurate thermometers — that can give you peace of mind.
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February 28, 2017
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Image: Mimo
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Best of Baby 2015: Health & Safety

Image: Belly Armor

Monitors: Belly Armor Smart NOVA

Most High Tech

Leave it to Belly Armor to make a virtually radiation-free baby monitor that looks as cool as an iPhone. Two-way communication, a 72-hour battery life and room temperature display make this super safe monitor a game-changer.

Buy it: $149,

Image: Mimo

Monitors: Mimo

Best Wearable

The turtle sensor on this onesie will tell you everything you need to know about baby – we’re talking breathing pattern, sleeping activity, skin temperature and body position. Best of all, that information is sent right to your smartphone.

Buy it: $200,

Image: Levana

Monitors: Levana Keera

Best All-in-One

Pan, tilt and zoom remotely, even in the dark. You’ll never miss a thing with this 24-hour monitor, which also lets you to record video and snap photos. Plus, two-way communication lets you talk to baby.

Buy it: $190,

Image: Braun

Thermometers: Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer

Best No-Touch

If invasive thermometers aren’t for you, Braun’s forehead model lets you take baby’s temperature without skin contact. What we love:

  • A color-coded screen lets you know if the temperature is within a safe range — done

Buy it: $60,

Image: Kinsa

Thermometers: Kinsa Thermometer

Most High Tech

Used with a compatible app, this oral thermometer plugs right into your iPhone and lets you track and monitor baby’s symptoms — a perfect record for your pediatrician. What we love:

  • A 10-second temperature read time means taking baby’s temperature won’t be a battle

Buy it: $30,

Image: Exergen

Thermometers: Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer


The brand doctors use in their own offices, Exergen promises an accurate read by gently stroking the forehead (so no invasive ear, mouth or butt readings). What we love:

  • This thermometer takes 1,000 readings per second, and chooses from the most accurate

Buy it: $38,

Image: FridaBaby

Didn't Even Know You Needed: FridaBaby NoseFrida

Best Nasal Aspirator

Back the pinky away from baby’s stuffed-up nose. This Swedish-made nasal aspirator is guaranteed to get the job done safely. And the disposable filters mean it’s 100 percent sanitary.

Buy it: $15,

Image: Bellybuds

Didn't Even Know You Needed: Bellybuds

Best In-Utero Gadget

At 20 weeks in utero, babies can start hearing sounds. And now you can connect with baby through BellyBuds speaker system, which attaches to your bump and can play soothing sounds or voices for baby. What we love:

  • The VoiceShare technology lets you share direct messages with baby

Buy it: $50,

Image: Zoli Baby

Didn't Even Know You Needed: Zoli Buzz B Nail Trimmer

Best Grooming

Cringing at the thought of clipping baby’s nails? That’s why Zoli’s trimmer — which uses oscillating cushioned pads to file the nails down without harming the surrounding skin — is worth the peace of mind.

Buy it: $35,


Didn't Even Know You Needed: PELV-ICE MamaStrut

Best Post-Delivery Relief

Whether you had a natural delivery or a C-section, the Mama Strut is a soft brace you can wear right under your clothes that works to relieve post-delivery swelling and cramping. It also supports your abdomen and back with medical-grade compression. In other words, it’s like a pain-relieving Spanx that can be used hot or cold.

Buy it: $129,

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