Best of Baby Winner for Top Baby Utensils

Pint-sized utensils that promote independence and are dishwasher-safe? Yes please.
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September 15, 2020
grabease baby utensils
Image: Courtesy Grabease
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And the Winner Is: Grabease Ergonomic Utensils

Regardless of how you decide to introduce solids (purees or baby-led weaning), there will come a time when you want to empower your tot to feed themselves. Enter: Grabease utensils. These pint-sized forks and spoons are easy for baby to grab (hence the name) and aid in promoting the pincer grasp, a big developmental milestone. They also help strengthen baby’s fingers and make the hand-to-mouth feeding motion easier thanks to a natural hand grasp. And unlike other toddler spoons and forks, a short handle and built in choke protection add a layer of safety to mealtime. Editor tip: We recommend buying a couple of utensil sets so you can preload baby’s fork and spoon while they’re getting the hang of things.

What We Love

• These forks and spoons were designed specifically for babies and it shows: An ergonomic handle fits perfectly in baby’s hand and is easy to grasp; it promotes and improves fine motor skills too

• If baby is still sporting a gummy grin, the shallow spoon allows them to easily clean the utensil using just their lips; a choke protection barrier prevents baby from sticking it too far into their mouth

• Great for baby-led weaning or when you’re eager to help baby build confidence in self-feeding

• They’re top rack dishwasher-safe and easy to take on the go thanks to a reusable pouch; your little one will love the rainbow of colors the utensils come in too

• The set is BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free

Buy it: $13,

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