Best of Baby Winner for Top Convertible Car Seat

Instead of twisting yourself into knots trying to get your kiddo into their car seat, just twist the car seat!
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Published September 15, 2020
cybex sirona s convertible car seat
Image: Courtesy Cybex
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And the Winner Is: Cybex Sirona S 360 Convertible Car Seat

Putting your child in a car seat is crucial—but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Unlike an infant car seat, which you can load baby into before placing in the car, a convertible car seat stays put, requiring you to perfect yoga-like moves just to get your little one properly secured in their seat. The designers at Cybex took note, and came up with a genius solution: the first-ever convertible car seat in the US to feature a rotating car seat with load leg technology. The Sirona S lets you load up your little one without breaking a sweat, and without sacrificing on safety.

What We Love

• Thanks to the car seat’s innovative rotation, you can stand in front of your car door and twist the seat to face you with one hand, strap your child in, and then twist back to secure—no stretching, bending or angling your body into contorted positions to put your little one in the rear- or forward-facing seat

• The safety features on the Sirona S are outstanding: the load leg stabilizes the car seat, the anti-rebound panel reduces rebound movement in the event of a crash, linear side impact protection absorbs impact forces and the SensorSafe chest clip alerts you to a number of unsafe situations (like if you happen to forget baby in the back of the car)

• Ease-of-use was clearly top-of-mind for the designers, who added 12 recline positions that can be adjusted even while in use, 12 height positions you can achieve with one hand, a no-rethread harness, a cup holder and even magnetic buckle holders to keep the straps out of your way as you get your kiddo situated

• Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the angle indicators and EasyLock bar, which cuts down on how hard you need to pull the straps to get it nice and tight; plus, it’s the only convertible car seat in North American that you can install just once and then use for either rear- and forward-facing modes

Buy it: $500,

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