Best of Baby Winner for Best Nasal Aspirator

Having a congested baby on your hands sucks—but the sucking power of this electric nasal aspirator will help clear tiny nostrils in a jiffy.
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Published September 28, 2021
2021 best of baby winner nasal aspirator
Image: Frida Baby
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And the Winner Is: Fridababy Electric NoseFrida

The day is bound to come when baby gets a cold. Those tiny nasal passages will get good and clogged, and the only way to clear them is to somehow suction the snot out (kids usually don’t learn to blow their noses until age 2, we’re sorry to say). There are various methods you can try, including classic bulb syringes and Fridababy’s renown Snotsucker, which leverages your own lung power to remove the snot (don’t worry, there’s a filter so nothing actually gets in your mouth). And then there are electric nasal aspirators, which do the sucking for you—and Fridababy’s new NoseFrida is a standout choice. With three levels of suction, it’s powerful enough to remove stubborn boogers without damaging baby’s delicate nasal passages, and thanks to some clever design features, it’s easier than ever to get the job done quickly before your kiddo starts thrashing about.

What We Love

• There are three levels of electric suction power to help you clear your child’s congestion, and two differently shaped silicone tips, sized for newborn and toddler noses

• Kids usually don’t love having their noses suctioned, but thanks to the NoseFrida’s one-hand grip and genius “distraction light,” you can get it over and done in a flash

• Never worry about dealing with dead batteries—the Electric NoseFrida is rechargeable via USB

Buy it: $45,

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