Best of Baby Winner for Best Sound Machine

This portable Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine is feature-packed, ultra-compact and cute beyond belief.
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Updated September 28, 2021
2021 best of baby winner sound machine
Image: WavHello
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And the Winner Is: SoundBub by WavHello

Every parent wants to create the ideal sleep environment for their baby, of course, but it’s a common myth that infants need silence to drift off to dreamland. The womb is actually a pretty noisy place, what with the constant sounds of your heartbeat, blood flow and digestive system—so it’s in fact soothing for newborns to hear ambient white noise. We’re big fans of SoundBub by WavHello, a portable white noise machine that offers every feature you could want. Plenty of different sound options, so you can find one that baby loves best. A range of timer settings, so it automatically turns off without you having to lift a finger (or get out of bed). Bluetooth capabilities, so you can play whatever songs or stories of your choosing. A compact, lightweight design so you can toss it into your diaper bag or clip it onto your baby carrier. A padded fabric cover constructed from chew-safe materials, so baby can play with (aka gnaw) it without you having to stress. And did we mention the animal themes? They’re beyond adorable.

What We Love

• SoundBub offers six different sound options, including ocean waves, pure white noise and even human shushing; plus, it can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you can play any song or story you (or your toddler) desires

• When paired via Bluetooth with SoundBub’s VoiceShare mobile app, you can even play voice messages from family or friends or a recorded bedtime story read aloud by loved ones

• Thanks to its small size and feather-light weight, you can easily take it on the go, whether in your diaper bag or stroller or attached to your car seat or carrier using the built-in clip

• It features a 30-, 60- and 90-minute timer and a continuous play mode, a silent volume wheel and a rechargeable battery

• The sound machine comes in three cute critters—an owl, a bunny and a bear—and is covered in soft, chew-safe materials so baby can safely play with it

Buy it: $39.99,

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