Best of Baby Winner for Top Swaddle

We’re loving this swaddle that’s easy for you to use and hard for baby to escape from.
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Updated February 23, 2021
happy baby sleepea swaddle
Image: Courtesy Happy Baby
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And the Winner Is: Happiest Baby Sleepea 5-Second Baby Swaddle

They don’t call it the fourth trimester for nothing: Getting used to life outside the womb can take some time for newborns. After all, they had a perfectly warm, cozy place to hang out in for nine+ months. So it makes sense, then, why so many babies enjoy the tight coziness of a swaddle. Not only do swaddles mimic the snug, soothing environment of your uterus, helping them relax and fall asleep, but they also tamp down infants’ startle reflex, helping little ones stay asleep. But figuring out how to perfect a secure wrap, especially when you’re running on sleep fumes, is often no easy task. Not so with the Sleepea, the latest brainchild from pediatrician Harvey Karp, the creator of the revered SNOO bassinet. Thanks to the clever use of Velcro and zippers, you can swaddle baby in five seconds flat and rest easy knowing baby is safe.

What We Love

• Even the littlest of babies have Houdini-like abilities to wiggle out of swaddles, but thanks to double-layer security—an inner arm wrap that closes with extra-quiet Velcro, plus the outer swaddle that zippers closed—this one is reassuringly escape-proof

• Another benefit of the Velcro and zipper closures? A quick and easy swaddle! Wrap baby up in mere seconds, so you and baby can get back to sleep faster

• The two-way zipper cuts down on the hassle of middle-of-the-night diaper changes

• The 100 percent cotton fabric is deliciously soft against baby’s skin; plus, breathable mesh panels at the shoulders and waist keep your little one from overheating

• Snap arm openings let baby sleep with their arms out, if they prefer

Buy it: $28,

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