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Best Swaddle: Love to Dream Swaddle UP

Swaddles recreate the cozy comfort of the womb. But wrapping them—and keeping them wrapped—can be more trouble than it’s worth. Thanks to Love to Dream, there’s a new sleep sack in town.

Baby’s been self-soothing since back in those womb days with a face-touching and hand-sucking technique. But now that he’s in the real world, you’ve got his arms tied down in the perfect swaddle. That’s fine for sleep, but awake? Not so much. The Swaddle UP lets baby move those hands, making self-soothing an option to help get back to sleep.


  • The sleep sack’s winged design keeps arms upright when baby’s not moving them, the most natural position for a sleeping infant
  • No snaps or loose fabric to worry about, just one simple zipper. So getting it on—and keeping it on—is easy
  • The Stage 1 design will last from 0 to 4 months


Less restrictive and less complicated than other swaddles and sleep sacks out there, the Swaddle UP makes your life easier, and might even earn you some extra shut-eye.

Price: $30


Photo: Love To Dream
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