Fetal Hearing: Is Loud Noise Safe During Pregnancy?

Whether you're headed to a concert or just like to crank your tunes, learn what noise levels are safe for baby.
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Apr 2017
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Those tiny inner ears have been forming since month four, but by month six they’re becoming well-developed. Go ahead and sing, chat, read and play your favorite tunes for your mini-me. Studies show that, while lots of sounds are filtered out by the uterine wall and amniotic fluid, baby is able to hear, respond to and remember sounds from his time in the womb.

It’s the lower-frequency noises that make it through, so go heavy on the bass. As for volume, you should be fine taking in a concert or sitting by a horde of screaming football fans—just be ready for baby to react to all the hoopla, especially during the last trimester. The jury’s still out on whether frequent loud noises are truly safe. If you work in an especially noisy place (we’re talking about loud machinery here, not your annoying cube-mates), talk with your OB about making a new plan.

Excerpted from: The Baby Bump: 100s of Secrets For Surviving Those Nine Long Months.

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