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Darcy Strobel

How Big Is Baby: Fruit & Veggie Edition

It's not quite scientific, but it's pretty darn cute.

When your bump is growing, it can be hard to imagine what baby looks like and how big he or she actually is. That’s why one of our favorite features on The Bump app is the week-by-week fruit comparison update. Whether baby is as big as a strawberry or as long as a head of lettuce, the app’s fruit and veggie updates can help add some context.

Check out some of our favorite photos of moms-to-be making a real-life comparison between their weekly fruit and their belly.

Week 10: Strawberry

Week 12: Plum

Week 13: Lemon

Week 14: Peach

Week 15: Orange

Week 16: Avocado

Week 17: Pomegranate

Week 18: Artichoke

Week 19: Mango

Week 20: Banana

Week 21: Endive

Week 22: Coconut

Week 23: Grapefruit

Week 24: Cantaloupe

Week 25: Cauliflower

Week 26: Kale

Week 28: Eggplant

Week 29: Acorn Squash

Week 30: Zucchini

Week 31: Asparagus

Week 33: Celery

Week 35: Pineapple

Week 36: Papaya

Week 39: Pumpkin

Published April 2018

PHOTO: Kevin Gentry; Victoria Sears; Tiffany Robinson