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Shocking Confessions From the Delivery Room

What happens in the delivery room, stays in the delivery room. Except for these uncensored and wild labor stories Bumpies fessed up to!

“I projectile-vomited on my midwife — we all laughed hard. It’s gross, I know, but to this day she says I laughed the baby out.” — hungouttobuy

“During delivery my husband and my doctor were talking about sports and breakfast. I wanted to say, ‘Hello! Delivering here. I’m hungry too, so shut up!’” — Kristi O.

“There was a 5.7 earthquake happening when I was in the middle of labor!” — momversation

“I had to fight with the nurses to keep my bra on — I won, by the way.” —_ Karen B._

“I was given sleeping pills, and instead of falling asleep, I started hallucinating — Harry Potter and Dumbledore wouldn’t leave me alone.” — Darlene L.

“The doctors were talking about their vacations while they stitched me up after my c-section — like I wasn’t there.” — Katie

“My husband fell asleep while holding up one of my legs when I was pushing.” — Jen

“There was a tornado warning, and the doctors had my bed pushed away from the windows and positioned near an open doorway in case I had to go into an interior hallway to deliver.” — Diane F.

“As soon as the baby came out, I had a very desperate craving for cake!” — Salma Z.

“My baby peed on the nurse as they were prepping to cut the cord — it was a perfect arch that went over me and onto the nurse.” — Tabitha

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