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Signs Of Labor: Water Breaking

You know that classic movie scene where the woman's water breaks in a flood-like gush? Well, it might not happen exactly like that.

Imagining that scene in every movie and television show, where the woman’s water breaks at the same instant that contractions set in? Don’t count on this happening to you. Only about 10 percent of women have their membrane rupture before labor begins. So, you could be in that 10 percent, or your water could break sometime during labor, or your doctor might wind up breaking your water for you on the delivery table.

This rupture of membranes often happens when you’re home in bed, and it can be appear either as the stereotypical gush or a more common trickle. Once your water breaks, you’ll likely go into labor within the next 24 hours. However, if by six hours after your water breaks you haven’t developed any labor symptoms, you should still talk to your health-care provider or make your way to the hospital. If it takes longer than that for your body to naturally start labor, your doctor or health care provider will probably give you some medication to kick things off in order to reduce your risk of infection.

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