Hilary Duff Celebrates Labor With Powerful Photos From Her Home Birth

“This is hard work…every way a woman brings a baby in is…So cheers almighty mothers. You make mountains move daily.”
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July 14, 2021
Actress Hilary Duff opens up about her home birth.
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Hilary Duff is opening up about her labor and delivery experience.

The actress and mom welcomed her third child, a daughter named Mae James Bair in a home birth on March 24. She announced the pregnancy in October 2020. On July 13, she took to Instagram to post an intimate and powerful series of photos, taken by birth photographer Lauren Guilford, documenting the experience.

“Feeling ready to share some photos of Mae Mae’s birthday!!!” she wrote in the caption. “For me to feel safe during birth and get to where I need to go, it’s crucial to have the right support system. The perfect amount of space, counter-pressure, humor, stillness and people that support my power. My hubby is the most calm anchor in the room when I feel like climbing the walls and my little Molly is an extraordinary doula who sat with me when I needed to be still and quiet.”

“My own mama was there to make all the snacks and watch with a big nervous smile as her baby brings her a new grandbaby earthside. The help that I have to support my other children while I am not able is maybe the most comforting thought of all. All hands on deck. Forever,” she continued. “This is hard work…every way a woman brings a baby in is. From getting pregnant, to c-sections, hospital or home births, the breastfeeding journey (oy vey that one gets me every time) and raising these little beings responsibly to be stand up, confident, kind citizens of the world. It’s completely consuming. A tedious, magical, miraculous adventure…So cheers almighty mothers. You make mountains move daily.”

Duff is also mom to a 2-year-old daughter named Banks, who she shares with Koma, and a 9-year-old son named Luca, who she shares with her ex-husband Mike Comrie.

While talking to Dr. Elliott Berlin on the “Informed Pregnancy Podcast,” Duff explained Luca wanted to be there for the birth, but “it happened so fast, he missed it.” While he isn’t in the photos, Duff explains he was there shortly after the birth, and she wanted him to see what childbirth looks like.

“It was kind of important for me because I’m really big on being open and honest with him about how strong women are and what childbirth looks like,” Duff said. “He knows all about periods and it’s important for me to normalize that conversation with him for all the women that are going to be in his life.”

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