NFL Star Jason Kelce's Funny Labor Support Fails Go Viral on TikTok

From snoring to sandwiches, Kylie Kelce's satirical TikTok offers a humorous look at the role dads play as labor support.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Published April 5, 2023

You may have planned, packed and prepped together, but when baby’s due date rolls around, the job of welcoming them into the world largely rests on Mom’s shoulders. While there’s only so much that partners, co-parents and others can do to support mom, a somewhat extensive list of laughable “what not to do’s” has developed over the years—and America’s favorite NFL dad may have just done all of them.

Kylie Kelce, who first made headlines this year for her potential Super Bowl baby arrival, recently shared a satirical TikTok documenting all of the ways her husband and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce “crushed the role of labor support person.”

The video starts off with a clip of Jason loudly snoring while taking a nap in front of a personal fan. “(He) brought his own fan,” she wrote on the video. “Better than the air mattress he was thinking about bringing,” she joked.

Next, Jason can be seen unwrapping a sandwich and taking a comically large bite. “(He) made sure he didn’t miss a meal, even though I wasn’t allowed to eat anything,” she wrote. After his meal, the NFL player takes another noisy nap as Kylie writes, “(He) stayed well rested. While I was kept awake by contractions… and his snores.”

Despite the chaos and long hours of labor, the moment finally arrives, and a photo of the couple’s third daughter, Bennett Llewellyn Kelce, appears on the screen with the caption, “Couldn’t have done it without him!” The video ends with a shot of one proud dad cradling Bennett after a hard day’s work.

Parents quickly jumped in the comments to sound off on their own labor support experiences. “He ate in front of you and he’s still alive?!?” joked one mom, “lol and then the baby comes out looking just like him,” added another. “Celebrities—their husbands are just like ours,” one parent commented.

While users went back and forth in the comments about whether Jason’s labor behavior was amusing or perhaps a bit annoying, many expressed their congratulations to the new couple and support for Dad showing up for the “big ballgame.”

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