Mom Unexpectedly Gives Birth to Identical Twins

Mom Gets Surprise of Her Life After Unexpectedly Giving Birth to Twins

This takes the cake when it comes to crazy delivery stories.
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October 25, 2018
new mom holds newborn twins
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Even after all of the planning and prepping, delivery day may still come with a few twists. Most, however, will pale in comparison to one mom’s astonishment when she unexpectedly gave birth to twins.

The crazy turn of events was shared by the Instagram account, Ten Moons, and explains how one new mama, Brooke, thought she she was finished with her delivery, when out came another beautiful baby boy.

“What a homebirth full of unexpected surprises, literally one after the other,” the caption reads. “Mum gave birth to her sweet little baby boy in water, and then we thought the placenta was about to come, but, as it turned out, there was another baby boy about to make his entrance into the world!”

Despite the stunning labor story, Brooke and her twin babies are thankfully all doing well.

“What a superhero mum Brooke is,” the note praises. “Mum and babies are doing really well. Big congratulations!”

While the shocking twist was cause for celebration, it’s also important to note this birth story is incredibly uncommon. If you’re going to all of your regular doctor appointments and check-ups, a surprise to this caliber likely won’t occur. And studies show mothers who visit their doctors regularly during pregnancy deliver healthier babies on average.

As far as crazy labor stories go, Brooke’s may take the cake. But these wacky stories from other moms are certainly runners-up.

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