Rachel Platten's New Song and Music Video Is a Beautiful Tribute to All Moms

Get your tissues ready!
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Published October 23, 2018
singer rachel platten releases new song, "you belong" about her baby to be.
Image: Rachel Platten via Instagram

If there was ever a song to describe exactly what it’s like for a mom-to-be, this would be it.

Singer and songwriter Rachel Platten recently shared her new song, “You Belong,” which was inspired by her journey to motherhood. Platten, who first announced she was pregnant back in July, debutted the song on Good Morning America last week, where she also revealed she would be having a baby girl.

The music video capture sweet moments between her and her husband, Kevin Lazan, as they wait for their baby to arrive. Setting the scene for waterworks, it opens up with a clip of the pair as they hear their unborn daughter’s heartbeat for the first time. Warning: You will need tissues.

If you aren’t bawling yet, the emotional lyrics are as sincere as it gets, and capture all the waves of emotions partners experience while they wait for their baby to come.

I’m patiently waiting for you to arrive

I wanna meet you so much I could cry

I wonder whose hands and whose eyes you will have

I wonder if you’re gonna smile like your dad

Nothing you ever do will be so wrong

You belong, you belong

Now in her third trimester, the native New Yorker has been extremely transparent in sharing her pregnancy journey, including the good, the bad and the ugly. And “You Belong” doesn’t shy away from this, making it all the more raw and relatable for new moms.

“I wrote this new song for my daughter, and most of the footage in the video we made was never intended for anyone but our little family. But… it’s been important to me during this whole journey to be as real and open and raw as I can be—and this is about the realest it gets,” she says on Instagram. “Tossing around uncomfortable in bed, running to the toilet (ugh), but also calm unbelievable moments of connection and feeling her move in there.”

It’s safe to say, you can add “You Belong” to your list of the best songs for labor and delivery.

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