Woman Gives Birth to Rainbow Baby 9 Days After Learning She’s Pregnant

"Even if, in the back of my head, I subconsciously thought that something was leaning toward the pregnancy, I would dismiss it because I was most likely getting my hopes up."
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By Nehal Aggarwal, Editor
Published December 17, 2019
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Lauren Chalk found out she was pregnant nine days before giving birth to her son—and eventually gave birth on the same day as her first ultrasound. The 28-year-old woman from Southaven, Tennessee welcomed a son with her partner Keith Chalk on December 2 in what the couple describes as “the best Christmas present.”

According to local outlet Memphis Commercial Appeal, Lauren didn’t know she was pregnant until she went home to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. Her mom, thinking her daughter was “on edge” and that her hormones may off, encouraged her to take a test. When it came back positive, Lauren and Keith scheduled a doctor’s visit in Southaven for after the holiday, under the impression that Lauren was only five to four months along. What they saw in their first ultrasound came as a huge surprise.

“She did the ultrasound, and there was a whole baby on the screen," Lauren told Memphis Commercial Appeal. During the visit the doctor told them Lauren’s blood pressure was very high and recommended they induce labor that very same day. After several hours, Lauren gave birth to her rainbow baby via C-section.

The couple had previously tried to have a baby for years, but suffered two miscarriages, the first in 2015 and the second in 2016. Lauren also had a medical history of polycystic ovary syndrome, as well as anemia and lupus anticoagulant. Between the miscarriages and Lauren’s experience with PCOS, the couple believed that having a baby just may not be in the cards for them.

Lauren says she felt nervous ahead of her appointment because she saw blood when she went to the bathroom the day before. “That’s how it worked with every single one we had,” Lauren told Memphis Commercial Appeal. “I’d taken a pregnancy test, made a doctor’s appointment. Before the doctor’s appointment would come, that would happen.”


Due to her PCOS, which makes irregular menstrual cycles common, Lauren didn’t think much of the missed periods. While she never felt sick during the pregnancy, she passed off any movement she felt as gas bubbles and believed any heartburn she felt was just associated with something she ate. But she admits, this may have been her way of coping. “When you experience the hurt of that happening, you don’t really want to open yourself up to it again,” Lauren told the outlet. “And so, I think that was part of it — that even if, in the back of my head, I subconsciously thought that something was leaning toward the pregnancy, I would dismiss it because I was most likely getting my hopes up.”

Now, the new parents are overjoyed at Wyatt’s arrival. “I think that God planned all of it to be the way that it was…As soon as I saw him, I don’t know that I can love anything more than what I love him," Lauren told Memphis Commercial Appeal, with Keith adding, "That was honestly probably for the best. We didn’t have time to stress ourselves out or get anxious about it…It was the culmination of everything that we’ve wanted and hoped and waited for.”

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